Terms of Use

Student Participation. By agreeing to the terms of use, a purchaser of courses on Costello University ("Purchaser") attest that only the person who is registered for a course ("Student") will view and participate in the course and that the results of all quizzes, examinations, and certificates of attendance that are part of a course are solely the result of the Student's participation. 

Copyright. All material on Costello University, including video, audio, quizzes, and printed materials (with the exception of freely available government documents or documents with other copyright notices displayed), are copyrighted by Costello Compliance, LLC. All such materials are only authorized to be viewed and used by the Student registered for a course. Students agree not to take screen video recordings, screen captures, or any other snapshots of any on-screen materials or allow any other party to do so. Multiple copies of printed materials for a course are not to be produced for distribution to others who are not Students of the course. Violators of these rules by anyone in possession of copyrighted material are subject to enforcement to the fullest extent of the law. Permission for use of copyrighted material deviating from this policy must be sought and granted in writing before the use of the material by contacting our Training Coordinator as listed at the bottom of these Terms

All sales final. No refunds are allowed. If a Purchaser wishes to transfer a purchased course that is unused by the originally-intended Student, the Purchaser may transfer the course to another Student by contacting our Training Coordinator as listed at the bottom of these Terms.

Privacy Policy

Payment processing. The Stripe payment processor used by Costello University securely transmits funds between the Purchaser's payment account and Costello accounts. It does not at any time share any credit card information with Costello Compliance LLC.

Use of contact information. Any contact information that is provided for Purchasers and Students will only be used by Costello Compliance LLC to communicate with Purchasers and Students regarding Costello Compliance courses and products. 

Provision of information to purchasers. In cases where the Purchaser is not the student of a course (such as an employer purchasing a course for an employee), Costello Compliance LLC will release course participation data and exam results to the purchaser upon written request by contacting our Training Coordinator as listed at the bottom of these Terms

Provision of information to third parties. Costello Compliance LLC will never share a Student's contact information with any third party for any reason, except to authorities when access is secured through court-order, subpoena, or other legal due process.  

Training Coordinator Contact Information

Julie Westhoff | jwesthoff@costelloco.com.