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Why You Will LOVE the Summit!

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Scott Michael Dunn, the anchor for the Summit, explains some of the compliance goodness packed into the Summit Replay.


Confidently Go Beyond Compliance 101

Summit Agenda

and Supplemental Material

  • 2

    Session 1 | A Lasting Legacy - Grace Robertson Interview

    • Session Video | Interview Grace Robertson, former IRS Section 42 Analyst

    • IRS LIHC Newsletters (Searchable Electronic Format)

    • GraceNotes: Special 2020 Edition

  • 3

    Session 2 | Life in COVID-World

    • Session Video | Life in COVID World

    • 2020 Notices (HUD, IRS & CDC)

    • VLOG Excerpt Video | Key COVID-Era Developments

    • Boston Capital Compilation | State COVID-19 Policies

    • Casualty Loss Text Lesson | Course Manual from 2018 NCSHA Session

    • Casualty Loss Text Lesson 1 | Introduction and IRS Guidance

    • Casualty Loss Text Lesson 2 | Declared Major Disasters

    • Casualty Loss Text Lesson 3 | No Declared Disaster

    • Casualty Loss Text Lesson 4 | Provisions to Assist Victims of Major Disasters

    • From the Novogradac Archive | 2020 Income Limits Article

  • 4

    Who Do You Want to Be? Video Series 1 | FEAR!

    • Fear!

  • 5

    Session 3 | Passing the Average Income Test

    • Proposed IRS Guidance

    • Session Video | Passing the Average Income Test

    • Updated IRS and HUD Guidance

    • Article | Average Income – Creating More Housing Now | Jen Brewerton, Dominium

    • Dominium Presents | Draft AIT Revenue Ruling

    • Video Lesson | Average Income Test Overview

    • Text Lesson | States AIT Policies...

    • Knowledge Check | State Policies

    • Boston Capital Analysis | State AIT Policies

    • Text Lesson | Leasing Up Average Income Test Projects

    • Quiz | Lease up and the AIT

    • Video Lesson | Noncompliance

    • Learning Check | Noncompliance

    • From the Novogradac Archive | Average Income Test

  • 6

    Who Do You Want to Be? Video Series 2: LEARNING!

    • Learning!

  • 7

    Session 4 | Beyond "Compliance 101"

    • Session Video | Beyond Compliance 101

    • Filling the "Toolbox" Video Series | Intro

    • Filling the "Toolbox" Video Series | The Tax Credit "Toolbox"

    • Filling the "Toolbox" Video Series | HUD "Toolbox"

    • Filling the "Toolbox" Video Series | RD "Toolbox"

    • Filling the "Toolbox" Video Series | HOME "Toolbox"

    • Filling the "Toolbox" Video Series | HTF "Toolbox"

    • Filling the "Toolbox" Video Series | Bond "Toolbox"

    • Filling the "Toolbox" Video Series | All Programs "Toolbox" Online Links

    • Cheatsheet | Key LIHTC Documents (and Why Important), Matt Rayburn, Indiana Housing

    • Workbook | Developing an Effective Compliance Calendar

    • Slideshow | 8823 Guide LIHTC Compliance Framework

    • Cheatsheet | 8823 Guide in Summary - Matt Rayburn, Indiana Housing

    • Multiple-Program Guide

    • A Back to Basics Approach - The Award-Winning RIHousing LIHTC Compliance Manual 2019

    • From the Novogradac Archive | Beyond Compliance 101

  • 8

    Session 5 | What Could Go Wrong?

    • Session Video | What Could Go Wrong?

    • Presentation Slides PDF | What Could Go Wrong, Avoiding First Year Challenges

    • From the Novogradac Archive | First Year Credit Articles

  • 9

    Who Do You Want to Be? Video Series 3: GROWTH!

    • Growth!

  • 10

    Session 6 | Do the Right Thing

    • Session Video | Game: Avoiding Fair Housing Jeopardy! Replay Edition

    • Session Video | Do the Right Thing - Fair Housing/COVID Q & A

    • Fair Housing - Over All & Internet-Bought Verification

    • Intro to Assistance Animals for Health Professionals

    • Assistance Animal Q & A

  • 11

    Session 7 | Where Do We Go from Here?

    • Session Video | Where Do We Go From Here?

  • 12

    Session 7 | Questions & Answers

    • Session Video | Q & A

  • 13

    Session Closing | Why You Are Important!

    • Session Video | Why You Are Important!

  • 14

    Extras 1: Grace Robertson Interview Rehearsal Video

    • A New GraceNotes Newsletter! & Grace Robertson Interview Rehearsal

  • 15

    Extras 2: Who Do You Want to Be? Wes Daniel - Complete Video Series

    • Fear!

    • Learning!

    • Growth!

    • Extra | Who Do You Want To Be? Growth! Musical Version

  • 16

    Extra 3: Avoiding Fair Housing Jeopardy! Interactive online edition

    • Protected Class: Race

    • Protected Class: Color

    • Protected Class: Religion

    • Protected Class: Sex

    • Protected Class: National Origin

    • Protected Class: Disability

    • Protected Class: Familial Status

    • Bonus: VAWA

  • 17

    Other Training Opportunities

    • Coming Soon to a Screen Near You!

Rich Supplemental Content

Attendees to the Summit get an amazing array of practical value-added content

  • Enhanced replays of all live sessions from the Summit

  • Powerful activation guides for each session to help you unleash the practical benefit of the content as action steps

  • An inspirational video series "Who Do You Want to Be?" that framed the entire Summit. We usually aren't that excited by conference material not directly regulation-related, but this was amazing and provided a mental framework for practically addressing fearful times. As fear also drives many compliance decisions, this affected the way we think every day since.

  • Additional Hours of video-based and text-based lessons

  • A rich set of tools - charts, infographics, sample forms, workflows and checklists designed to turbocharge compliance processes and careers

  • Dozens of articles and compiles research from Costello University, Novogradac, Dominium, Boston Capital and other experts

  • A Fair Housing game that can be played along with the recorded version played during the Summit

  • Constantly added value! The supplemental information is constantly being updated.

  • More to come! Several live coaching session webinars are in the early stages of development. These will be available free of additional cost to purchasers of the Summit. Others will pay at least the same amount for these as the Summit costs. This will double the value for Summit attendees!!


Enhanced versions of all sessions and hours of bonus materials


Scroll through both rows to view all presenters - see anyone you know?

Grace Robertson

Former Analyst | IRS

Sessions | A Lasting Legacy | Where Do We Go From Here?

Matt Rayburn

Deputy Executive Director | Indiana Housing

Sessions | Life in COVID World | Beyond Compliance 101 | Where Do We Go From Here?

Amanda Lee Gross

Vice President of Training | US Housing Consultants

Session | What Could Go Wrong?

Wes Daniel

Senior VP of Affordable Housing | ConAm

Sessions | Doing the Right Thing | Special Video Series: Who Do You Want To Be?

Julie Westhoff

Trainer | Costello Compliance

Session | Closing

Renee Dickinson

Multifamily Compliance Manager | Minnesota Housing

Session | Beyond Compliance 101 (preparation assistance)

Scott Michael Dunn

CEO | Costello Compliance

Sessions | All (Summit Anchor)

Thomas Stagg

Partner | Novogradac & Co

Sessions | Life in COVID World

Jen Brewerton

Vice President of Compliance | Dominium

Session | Passing the Average Income Test

Stephanie Naquin

Manager, Multifamily Compliance | Novogradac & Co

Sessions | What Could Go Wrong? | Where Do We Go From Here?

Tera Mehrer

Compliance Officer | Costello Compliance

Michelle Sites

Vice President, Southern California Affordable | ConAm

Session | Do The Right Thing (moderator)

Our Sponsors

We want to thank our sponsors for providing financial support, speakers and a wealth of supplemental materials

2020 Compliance Summit FAQs

Click on the question for the answer

  • How long will I have to view the Summit?

    Through August of 2021. This will be just before the 2021 Compliance Summit, which will be in-person in September in Scottsdale if the safety of attendees allows.

  • I attended the Summit live. Is there any benefit to purchasing this version?

    No. All live attendees also have access to this version of the Summit.

  • Who will benefit most from the Summit?

    The main target audience is housing compliance professionals (for instance staff from housing management, state HFAs, and syndicators), or those with the drive and interest to become one. However, many asset managers, middle-management, and executives who need to understand how compliance affects their portfolio also join us.

  • Will new supplemental content be added over time?

    Yes! As Costello University grows, we will be adding curated content that complements the Summit topics.

  • Do I have to watch the Summit in the original order?

    Not if you don't want to! Unlike other online courses at Costello University that builds on concepts sequentially and requires that topics be followed in order, the Summit different in nature and is open for you to explore in any order you want.

  • Did Grace Robertson explain what the IRS is going to do about ___________ (fill in the blank with the policy of your choice).

    Grace is not a current employee of the IRS and only addressed IRS updates that are available to the public. She DID, however, provides an amazing insight into the development of Section 42 guidance, why some things happen at the IRS, and also some amazing inspiration for anyone in housing facing difficult and uncertian times. She had her share of those!